Tuesday, June 15, 2010

18 months and counting...

One day late (don't tell the big-little-man)....

...this is a proud-parent shout-out to the one-and-only E-Bear, 

who turned the big 18 months yesterday.  

Sniffle, sniffle....our little guy is growing up so fast.  

There are so many ways that E-Bear brightens our lives these days.  With E-Bear:

....Someone is always ready with an "OKayyyyyyy?!"  
....A fire-truck-riding, fireman-hat-wearing firefighter is always just around the corner, driving around in the kitchen.
...."Goodnight Moon" and "Barnyard Dance" have a captivated audience, super excited to see what the next page brings.
.....G-Bear always has someone toddling along behind her as she runs.
.....No bike goes unloved---he is ready to ride them all, whether they're in our garage, someone else's or on display at the store.
.....a hug and a kiss are always ready and available for "Mommy!!" or "Daddy!!"
.....the first bite is always most important, deciding if he will eat or not for the remainder of the meal.  
.....there is always someone retrieving and passing out shoes when it is time to go out.  "Shooooooee" anyone?
.....there is always someone to remind G-Bear what she needs to say if she wants something.  "Peeeeeees."

We love our Buddy Bear.  Can't wait for the next 18 months.

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