Monday, June 21, 2010

Hail to the Chief!

Today might seem like any other day at the hospital to many people.....

....but it is a big day in our residency life.

Today is T's first day as a Chief Resident physician.

Awwww, I am going to embarrass him.  I know he is already blushing.
He has already worked four long years of residency, and now he has just one more to go.  Although he might try to convince you that he doesn't feel any more senior today, don't you believe him.  I am here to remind him what good work he does, how much he has learned, how far he has come, and how blessed his patients are to be in his care.

How do I know this? 

Because I have been with him everyday along the way.  No one is bursting with more pride and admiration in his journey than me.  Because what makes T an excellent physician and Chief Resident is far more than what he has learned in the hospital these past four years:

He is a man of his word, careful not to make promises he can't keep.
He is a man of patience, even under pressure or when others are not.
He is a man of gentleness and love, placing the welfare of others before himself.

No matter how hard the day, T always comes home cheerful and loving.
No matter how short the night's sleep, he has a kiss for me in the morning before he leaves.
He always calls to update.
When the work is done, when others may go their merry way, he is hurrying home to be with us.

know that I don't take you, 
or your past 4 years of hard work for us and your patients,
for granted.

I love you, my love.  Hang in there, I am so proud of you.  Lord willing, this will be a great Chief Year.

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B-Mama said...

Congratulations T! We are so proud of you... And of your wife, who is your most awesome supporter. What a blessing that the two of you can speak the same medical "language" and really understand each other's profession and sacrifices. That is a gift!! Way to go!!