Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Fun Edition

One of the best parts of living in Minnesota is the summers.  

Like this one.

The past two weeks have been amazing:  warm enough for skirts and t-shirts but cool enough to leave the windows open all day with no A/C.

Plus, what could be better than having extra daylight with my crew?

I am busy planning lots of fun activities with G-Bear and E-Bear since we have more time together the next several weeks.  I won't claim my ideas will be original or breathtaking.  But, I am intent on good, old-fashioned summertime fun, and I am happy to share the fun we have.

Share our ideas with your favorite young parents, grandparents with visiting grandmunchkins, the young at heart, or just enjoy reading about our escapades.  Now you can check out our new "Summer Fun" page for a quick archive of our ideas.

Do good things this summer, and have fun too.

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