Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hang in There!

Repeat after me:  

I am going to survive this week. 
I am going to survive this week.
I am going to survive this week.

( I love this picture of little G-Bear--reminds me life isn't easy, no matter what our age.)

4:50am wake-ups.
11:30pm bedtimes.
Rounding by 6am.
In the operating room from 7am until 9pm.
Graham cracker lunch at 3pm during clinic day.
Before going to bed?  Make dinner for the next night because I know I will be home late again tomorrow.
And this is only a 4 day week!

Feel like your week has been about the same?  We are going to make it.

Did you notice the Mass readings for today?

"Bear your share of hardship for the Gospel with the strength that comes from God."
~2 Timothy 1

"As the eyes of servants are on the hands of their masters,
As the eyes of a maid are on the hands of her mistress,
So are our eyes on the LORD, our God, till he have pity on us."
~Psalm 123 1-2

This week was meant to be from the beginning, and we have a purpose in it no matter how exhausted we may become.  There is abundant strength to cover our weaknesses.  We just have to look for strength in the Right Place.  Like in my pillow.  Now, where is my pillow......????


A said...

I've never seen that picture of G-Bear!! Too cute; thanks for sharing! Of course y'all would have tiny shades. Love it! Prayers for you this week as you get through it all. As I've been told before, "Just do the next thing!!"

Luke and Jen said...

Yikes! I've heard gyn onc is wild. If I would have been in town, I would have loved to bring you a meal!