Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Blessings

Little blessings from my day:

10.  Making it through my last Monday on this rotation.  Only 4 days to go.
9. Walking to work as the sun came up this morning...what a great way to enjoy a sunrise I would have preferred to sleep right through.
8.  Asking for strength from God to get me through the day...and feeling that strength kick in at 7pm, while still in the operating room, when I needed it most.
7. Walking out of work to see T, E-Bear and G-Bear who had biked over to meet me.  My prince to the rescue.
6.  The walk home with G-Bear and E-Bear chasing each other along the lawns.  The peals of laughter were contagious.
5.  Listening to E-Bear rattle off his new favorite phrases: "uh-huh," "Ok?!" and "GO!" (to G-Bear as they were running together)
4. Realizing that as late as I was leaving work, I am blessed that I was leaving the hospital at all tonight.  Because most of my patients are not.
3. Eating dinner together at 9pm.  And G-Bear requesting her favorite bedtime treat: "A big marshmallow, a liiiitle marshmallow and a chocolate chip?"
2.  E-Bear's excitement over seeing his paci and green blankie at bedtime.  He dives headfirst into that blanket on the floor and rolls around with it clutched in his cute little fingers.
1.  "Mommy, what are YOU thankful for?" Praying with G-Bear as we snuggled in bed.  I was thankful for our nice warm beds.  She was thankful for "Momo and Papa and Mommy and Daddy and E-Bear and G-Bear and GG and Uncle C and" .....on and on and on.  Thank you, Jesus.

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