Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 4...

8.  "Mom, I am tired of doing these stairs!"  ~G-Bear, bemoaning the length of the trip to the park, which includes 3 flights of stairs up and over railroad tracks on a pedestrian bridge
7. "Up!  Dawwwwn.  Nah!  Up!  Daawwwn.  Nah!"  ~E-Bear, happy that he can now request to be picked 'up,' but still having trouble deciding what he wants.
6. "Mommy, tap the balloon, mommy.  Tap it riiiiiiiight here."  ~G-Bear, trying to coax me, once again, into tapping the button on my Chicken-Dance-singing-birthday-balloon from Grandmo.  
5. "Wook, mommy!  That man is not wearing any clothes!  He must be going to swim in the lake."  ~G-Bear, shocked by the sight of a runner wearing only running shorts.
4.  "Weeee!  Weee!   WEEEEEE!"  ~E-Bear, running with all his might toward the swing at the park.
3. "This is my special neckwace.  My daddy brought it to me from afwica."  ~G-Bear, super-proud of her necklace that T brought back from Kenya.
2.  G-Bear: "Daddy, like tickles!"
T : "Oh you do?  Well, so does your mommy...."
G-Bear: "No daddy, mommy doesn't like tickles."
1.  Playing "I spy" on our walk home:
T (referring to a STOP sign up ahead): "I spy the letter 'S'..."
G-Bear: "I see the letter eSSSSS!  On the OCTagon!"

Thank you, Sesame Street!

Happily Ever,
Queen B


A said...

She's so smart!!! Love the idea of playing "I spy" with letters. Will definitely be borrowing this one.

PS-- When Alex first learned "up" and "down," he had them backwards. B & I corrected him by simply picking him up higher and higher as he said, with increasing irritation, "up. Up. UP! DOWN!"

B-Mama said...

Catching up on your week--loved your peace post--I need to remember to tap into the manna as well!! Blessings to you all and your sweeties.