Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My math for the week

5 out of 6: The number of days T will be out of town again this week.  Thank goodness Nana is here!

4 out of 5: The number of Johnsons trying to sleep last night at midnight.  G-Bear was still singing in her bed, reminiscing about the wonderful day we had all had with Nana.

3 out of 4: The number of days I have left on my pediatrics rotation.  Hooray for (almost) finishing core rotations!  Three weeks off with E-Bear and G-Bear, here I come....

2 out of 3: When assessing dehydration status in a child, the number of clinical signs needed to indicate <5 percent dehydration, a number then multiplied by weight loss in grams to calculate fluid deficit in cc's.  But then I still have to choose which fluid to give. Ugh. I think I have been studying too hard.

2: The number of kids I am going to cover with kisses tomorrow when I get home post-call.  Sorry, couldn't make it just one.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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cp said...

isn't it so great to have a mom in town??! i'm happy mine is here in Chi and we're looking forward to dinner with T. i'm sure y'all are missing him a bunch, but it'll be great to see him here!