Sunday, April 4, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 2...

8. "Puppy!" ~E-Bear, pointing to a squirrel.
G-Bear, knowingly: "No, E-Bear, that is a SQUIRREL."

7. "My Daddy! My Daddy! My Daddy is home!......Daddy, I went Pee Pee!"
~G-Bear at the sight of picking up T from the airport.

6. "Puppy!" ~E-Bear, pointing to a kitten.
G-Bear, now insistently: "No, E-Bear, that is a KITTY!"

5. "Nummy, MUMMY, NUMMY, peese, Peese, PEESE!"
~E-Bear insisting, er, requesting, to have a piece of the "Sprinkle Cake" we ate at T's welcome home dinner.

4. "Puppy!" ~E-Bear, pointing to Big Bird.
G-Bear, now exasperated: "No, E-Bear, that is BIG BIRDIE!!"

3. "Have fun with the babies, mommy. Keep them safe."
~G-Bear to me as she, T and E-Bear departed from visiting me at the hospital on my pediatrics call night.

2. "Puppy!" ~E-Bear, pointing to a person coming out of a store with a large bag.
G-Bear, giving up: "What! Where!?!"

1. "Goodnight, Mommy-princess. I love you very much. And I love my Daddy very much. I am sooooo happy."
~G-Bear kissing me goodnight.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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