Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I know Nana is visiting when...

I return home from work to find:

New shoes on E-Bear's feet,
A new haircut on his head,
G-Bear wearing a new Tinkerbell PJ dress
(complete with matching slippers!),
Happy Meal leftovers in the fridge.

Lest I make it sound like my kids are the only ones being spoiled, I also returned home to find:

New paper-towels in the kitchen,
8 loads of laundry folded,
The sink, which has leaked for 4 months, is fixed,
The kids are bathed, have been to the park, to lunch, the zoo, the mall and the home-improvement store all before naptime.
The number of meals I have cooked since Nana's arrival on Saturday: Zero.
At dinner last night?  Cookies AND milkshakes for dessert!

Who could ask for more?!

We love our Nana!

Happily Ever,
Queen B


B-Mama said...

So glad you all have your Nana there to love on you and support you during another separation!! You all are such troopers--and amaze me with your fortitude. G and E are definitely learning flexibility by watching their parents in action and what an awesome lesson to learn early in life. I know they are so blessed watching your marriage in action. Praise God for that! Give our best to Nana and enjoy!

WillyB said...

I love her too!