Monday, April 19, 2010

A little bit, everyday

T and I survived our weekend of call. Boy, are we ready for an early bedtime.  I have never been great at staying up most of the night.  Post-call days are good reminders that our bodies are programmed to have 8-10 hours of sleep everyday.  You can't store it up ahead of time.  You can't save it from your last weekend off.  We need regular sleep everyday to function properly.

I was reminded today that my relationship with God is the same way. His gift of Peace is a continual gift, but it is not something that I can store up. Missionary Sarah Young has put it this way, reflecting on Exodus 16:14-20: 
 Just as the Israelites could not store up manna for the future but had to gather it daily, so it is with God's Peace.  The day-to-day collecting of manna kept God's people aware of their dependence on Him.  Similarly, God gives us sufficient Peace for the present, when we go to Him in prayer and petition.  If He gave us permanent Peace, independent of His presence, we might fall into the trap of self-sufficiency.
Peace missing in my life today?  Maybe I have been trying to run on peace "stored up" from several days ago.  Today is a new day, full of its own struggles, circumstances, pitfalls, temptations--which is why, like the Israelites, when I look to yesterday's manna for sustenance I may find only maggots.  I need to approach the Throne of Grace anew, today, bringing today's petitions and concerns, laying them at the Lord's feet and trusting Him with a thankful heart.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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WillyB said...

Great post B! Wonderful thoughts! God's mercies are new every morning, our prayers, petitions and studies should be the same, fresh and new every morning!