Sunday, April 11, 2010

Overheard in the house this week 3...

7.  "Wook! An Egg!"  ~G-Bear, Easter morning, on the hunt.
6.  "My party!  Look, my party! Its my party!" ~G-Bear, sharing her enthusiasm over the decorations in the dining room for her birthday.
5.  "Daddeee, byeee byeeee daddeeee."  E-Bear, carrying around my cell phone, held up to his ear.
4.  "You play the p'ano, Mommy...I play the 'tar."  ~G-Bear, assigning air-piano and air-guitar instruments to play along with the songs in the car.
3.  "It feels AWWWsome out here, it is so nice 'n warm right now!" ~G-Bear, enjoying the sunshine and 70 degrees Friday afternoon.  
2.  Me: "G-Bear, what do you say if you want someone to help you?"
      E-Bear, from across the room: "Peese!"
1.  Grandmo (whispering) : "G-Bear, remember the cake we are getting for your mommy's birthday this week is a SURPRISE, so don't tell her, ok?"
     G-Bear (not whispering): "Ok, A Surprise! ...... Mommy, guess what?  We got you a CAKE at MoMo's house for your BIRTHDAY!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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