Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One week to a Match...

Tonight we are one week away from the Sports Medicine Match for T. We will find out the day before if he Matched somewhere for fellowship, and the following day we will find out what program he Matched with. This Match won't affect us until a year from this summer, because he has one more year of his current program to finish before he can start a fellowship. But, all the same, it will be nice to have a year to prepare for our next step, wherever that next step may take us. As for me, once we know about T's fellowship assignment I will get to start looking at residency programs for myself...many decisions to come in that regard as well.

Our prayer for the Match is: "Your Will be done, Lord!" We are trusting in His Great Plan and His Provision over our lives. All the same, we know our weakness too, and we always treasure knowing others are supporting us in prayer. If you think of us in the next 7 days, ask the Lord for ours to be willing, trusting hearts and that the plans we begin to make following the Match would first and foremost be glorifying to Him.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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