Monday, April 14, 2014

Holy Week 2014

 Holy Week has arrived!  We are all so excited.   Our bean basket is full of beans and our Jesus Walk Lent calendars are almost completely colored.  Easter is only a week away!

Over the past few years, I have found that there are many ways to make Holy Week special for young families.  Last year we had a wonderful week filled with special meals, crafts and readings that the kids still remember.  I am so excited to experience many of these with them again this year.

This is our plan for Holy Week this year.  Each night, in addition to the activities below, we do two Stations of the Cross after dinner so that we will finish them by Good Friday.

Monday~Preparation Day
*Craft: Making "Lamb of God" Easter cards (don't forget to mail them!)
Dinner:  Mushroom ragout and creamy polenta from Fine Cooking Magazine

A few of our "Lamb of God" Easter Cards

Inside we wrote: "Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us!" and "Happy Easter!"

Tuesday~Preparation Day
*Craft: Make Stations of the Cross wheels to bring to Mass this week.
DinnerFettuccine with tomato-cream sauce from Cooking Light Magazine

Wednesday~Preparation Day
My Birthday!
DinnerVegetable stir-fry with basmati rice, potstickers and cabbage salad

~Maundy Thursday~
Remembering the Last Supper, Jesus' night in the Garden, Jesus' trial
*Craft:  Garden of Gethsemane Praying Hands from Sowing Mustard Seeds
(for coloring or writing in our Holy Week prayers)
Dinner: Remembering the Last Supper & Washing Feet
We'll read passages from the Gospels and wash each other's feet at dinner
Crackers and cheese (remembering the thirty pieces of silver)
Turkey meatballs (remembering the roast lamb) from Everyday Food Magazine
(these can be made ahead and frozen ~ perfect for a busy week!)
 Homemade pesto (remembering the bitter herbs and bread)
Praying Hands Pretzels from Catholic Icing  
(remembering the unleavened bread and Jesus' prayers in the garden)
Grape juice in "chalices" (remembering the wine)
Three spinach leaves (remembering Jesus telling Peter he would deny him three times)
Raisins (remembering the Mount of Olives)
Red Twizzlers and chocolate chips (remembering Jesus' arrest and Peter's tears after he betrayed Jesus)

~Good Friday~
Keeping Vigil at the Cross
Our centerpiece from Good Friday last year.
*Craft: Making Crown of Thorns by Catholic Icing
LunchCross Sandwiches from Catholic Icing
DinnerHot Cross Buns from Spoonful
Pineapple cubes (remembering how the soldiers cast lots for Jesus' garment)
Roasted Asparagus Spears (remembering how the soldiers pierced Jesus' side)
Carrot sticks (remembering the two robbers crucified with Jesus)
Jam & Water (remembering the blood and water from Jesus' side)

~Holy Saturday~
Awaiting the Resurrection!
Breakfast: Birthday Breakfast!
Lunch: Buddy Bear's Birthday Party!
DinnerCreamy carrot, broccoli and white bean soup from Finding Joy in My Kitchen
Resurrection Rolls from Eat at Allies

~Easter Sunday!~
Jesus is Risen!
Peep pancakes from I.E. Ice Cream (too fun to pass up)
Onion frittata from Martha Stewart Living
(A great way to use leftover eggs!)
Ham & fruit
Easter Dinner with Family!

Lord, bless us with a greater trust your His sacrifice and love this Holy Week!

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