Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Nemo Birthday Party for Buddy Bear

Our Buddy Bear is three years old.
This year, he requested Nemo and friends for the birthday party!

The night before, I was frantically taking down Lent decorations to transform the dining room into a Buddy-worthy Nemo party.
Bath toys made a perfect centerpiece.  Bubbles and blue streamers set the stage.

Fishy crackers and swedish fish made perfect table treats!

Then, there was the cake.
Our fabulous local bakery was all booked up with Easter cakes, 
a big oops on my part for not ordering earlier.
So, I had to make Nemo and Bruce the shark for Buddy Bear by myself.

Thanks to a lot of prayer (and several late-night hours of work),
Buddy Bear was thrilled with his cake!
What a huge sigh of relief for this momma.

This time, we planned to play "Pin Nemo and his friends in the Fish Tank!"
The kids did a great job coloring the tank while I got the party lunch together.

GG, Aunties Cindy and Sharon, Uncle Carl and Uncle C, MoMo and Papa all joined us for the party.


It was so sweet to watch Buddy Bear open his presents.
He was so excited and grateful for everything.
He graciously let E-Bear and G-Bear help him open his presents.
"Thank you!" he would exclaim after he opened each one.

"Neato!" He exclaimed when he opened the strider bike from MoMo and Papa.

He loved the sherif dress-up costume from Aunty Cindy, 
which is really special because it was once worn by my cousin R!

Nana got Buddy Bear one of his biggest wishes: a Buzz Lightyear doll.
"Oh, Buzz!  I love Buzz!"  Buddy Bear's eyes lit up like Christmas morning.

The baseball T, ball mitt and soccer ball were from T and me.  
He immediately took them to the basement and invited G-Bear and E-Bear to play.
The ninja turtle truck from Aunty Sharon was a hit too.  

After all the party guests had left, I snuggled my little man into his bed for rest time.
"What a special Nemo birthday, Mommy," he said.

It sure was, Buddy Bear, it sure was.
YOU are what made it extra special for me.

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A said...

That cake is amazing!!! You're making wonderful memories for and with your kiddos, Queen B!