Monday, April 7, 2014

A Musical Birthday

In December, G-Bear announced that she wanted to have a music-themed birthday party.
She was hoping for a piano and lessons for her birthday present.

A piano is a rather tall request.  
But, blessing of blessings, we had one in the family that was not being played.
Auntie Cindy was generous enough to agree to let my grandmother's piano come and live at our house.
So last week, on the day before G-Bear's 7th birthday, Grandma LuVerne's gorgeous Ivers&Pond piano came to live in our playroom.  

G-Bear was awestruck when she came home from school.  She and her brothers couldn't believe it!   

"It's SO BEAUTIFUL!" she exclaimed.  "I love the way they carved it!"

The new piano set the stage for a very magical, musical birthday.  

MoMo and Papa, Uncle C and GG and Miss K & Miss M joined us for the party.
I decorated with stripes and instruments from our instrument bucket.

I also purchased a few new blow-up instruments for added fun and effect.

They were a hit!  G-Bear, E-Bear and Buddy Bear loved rocking out to the music with the new blow-up accessories.

Our new party game tradition (that started with E-Bear's birthday last December) is a themed blindfolded pinning game.  For G-Bear's music theme, everyone was given a musical note, and we played "Pin the note on the Musical Page!"

The game is perfect for our age group.  It moves quickly, everyone can play, we cheer for everybody, and blindfolds make it just silly enough to make it fun.  

After the game, it was time to open presents!
G-Bear got dress shoes, piano lessons and a Muffy Bear outfit from T and me.
Aunty Cindy gave G-Bear her great grandmother's metronome and piano music books.
MoMo and Nana gave her dresses for her Samantha doll, with matching outfits that she could wear!

The outfit from MoMo was special to me, 
because it is the same one that I received when I was G-Bear's age. 

I was so happy to see G-Bear enjoy it as much as I did!

After presents, it was time for cake!

Happy seventh birthday to you, sweet girl!

Thanks to G-Bear for a wonderful party theme and to all of our family for making the celebration so special.  I can't believe that I have been a mom for SEVEN YEARS!

Thank you, Lord, for these seven wonderful years.

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