Monday, April 21, 2014

Alleluia! Easter 2014


The kids were up and ready to celebrate at 6:30am!  T and I were up into the wee hours the night before, finishing work and final touches before the Easter celebrations.  Even so, we were just as excited.  When we came downstairs, there were jellybeans and eggs hidden everywhere!  It was so great to watch the kids work together to find all the treats.  "Look, here Buddy Bear," G-Bear would say.  "Here, G-Bear, this one is your favorite color," said E-Bear.  "E-Bear, E-Bear, wook at this," exclaimed Buddy Bear.  It was so early, J-Bear slept right through the hunt! We'll try to make it up to her next year.  

Views from the hunt!
 The dining room was decorated and filled with surprises too.  

Buddy Bear exclaimed, "Thank you, Mommy, for decorating our house!"  T saw my face light up.  My heart melted.  Easter is our penultimate celebration, not because of eggs or candy or decorations, but because of Christ's victory over death. Even so, I know that thoughtful details help set the day apart and build excitement.  After the sacrifices of Lent, I rejoiced to see the kids enjoying the treats and beautiful details.  Over time, T and I hope they will come to embrace the glorious truth and joyful hope of Easter for themselves. 

Our bean basket was so full of jellybeans that it had tipped over!  Jellybeans were everywhere!

There was a set of resurrection finger puppets and special lollypops for they kids (I ordered all of them from Oriental Trading).   The table was set with our best plates and cups for the occasion.  

Each of the kids also received a simple pillar candle at their seat.  We enjoyed using our Stations of the Cross Eggs during Lent to pray Stations of the Cross (Way of the Cross).  I am hoping to use the candles as we pray the Way of Light (Via Lucis) during the Easter season.  Have you heard of this prayer, a complement to the Stations of the Cross?  It is a wonderful way to reflect on the Resurrection and our hope in Jesus, perfect for the Easter season.  Perhaps I'll make some Via Lucis eggs for us to use next year too :)

 We dyed eggs using brown eggs this year (all that I had in the refrigerator).  The colors turned out to be lovely, earthy tones. I also blew out a few egg shells so that we have a few eggs to paint and keep.

The kids each received a special clothing item to wear to Easter morning Mass: a new dress for G-Bear and ties for the boys.  "Oh, mommy, I always wanted that!" said Buddy Bear.

They were so excited to "look like Daddy."  I was soaking up these cute dressed up moments. 

For the next forty days, Lord, may your victory be at the center of our days.
May we share your Good News with others!

 Happy Easter from all of us!

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