Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday

If there is love among you, 
all will know that you are my disciples.
~John 13:35

Our Maundy Thursday this year was greatly anticipated and special for all of us.  Afterward dinner, MoMo and Papa babysat so that T and I could attend Mass and walk a Seven Churches Visitation with friends late into the night. 

This year, I planned our meal to match Gospel readings that we read together during dinner.  I have admired the way other families have done this. G-Bear and E-Bear and Buddy Bear are all old enough to participate and enjoy this tradition.  

Our water jug and thirty "pieces of silver" crackers with cheese.

We make the dining room into our "upper room" for dinner.
We washed each others' feet before our meal.
Meatballs instead of roasted lamb.
Pesto and salad for the bitter herbs.

Grape juice in our cups to remember the wine.
Praying hands pretzels, remembering the bread and Jesus' prayers in the garden.
Raisins instead of olives, to remember the Mount of Olives

Red twizzler "ropes" to remember Jesus' arrest, and chocolate chips to remember Peter's tears after he denied Jesus.

On Good Friday, I read part of the Passion narrative to the kids while we make peanut butter cross sandwiches for a simple lunch.  Cream cheese works well to connect the pretzel crosses.
This helps us remember Jesus at the time of day that he was hanging on the cross.

This simple lunch always brings smiles and plenty of questions about the importance of the day.  Buddy Bear was quite concerned about how the guards treated Jesus.  "Mommy, E-Bear could use his foot to kick the guards to make them stop hurting Jesus," Buddy Bear suggested.  I reminded Buddy Bear with a smile that Jesus didn't want Peter to hurt the guards, but loved them instead.  I told Buddy Bear that we help Jesus when we choose good, loving behavior, even toward those who are mean to us.  Thank you, Lord, for Good Friday.


We adore you, Christ, and we bless you,
For by your holy cross you have redeemed the world.

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