Monday, March 25, 2013

Holy Week 2013

Holy Week has arrived!  Our final days of Lenten observance and Easter preparation lie before us this week.

There are so many wonderful ways to make this week special and meaningful for our family.  I have had to make an effort to be realistic and narrow down my ideas to those that are most age appropriate for our crew and my (waning!) energy level (36th week of pregnancy this week!).  As I began my planning, I found a very helpful Holy Week Meal Plan Overview from Catholic Cuisine.

As for our Holy Week, this is my plan.  May the Lord bless us with a deeper understanding of His love and sacrifice for us!

Monday~Preparation Day
Braised Chicken and brussels sprouts from Everyday Food Magazine

Tuesday~Preparation Day
Lentils Tarka with basmati rice from Madhur Jaffrey

Wednesday~Preparation Day
Veggie fried rice from Southern Living Magazine with potstickers

~Maundy Thursday~
Remembering the Last Supper, Jesus' night in the Garden, Jesus' trial
Lunch: Praying Hands Pretzels from Catholic Icing
Dinner: Remembering the Last Supper
Meatloaf Muffins (remembering the roast lamb) from Cooking Light Magazine
Spanikopita (remembering the unleavened bread and bitter herbs for the adults)
Crackers and celery sticks (remembering unleavened bread and bitter herbs for the kids)
Juice in "chalices" (remembering the wine)
*Craft: Praying Hands from Sowing Mustard Seeds

~Good Friday~
Keeping Vigil at the Cross
Lunch: Cross Sandwiches from Catholic Icing
Dinner: Hot Cross Buns from Spoonful
Jam & Water (remembering the blood and water from Jesus' side)
*Craft: Making Crown of Thorns by Catholic Icing

~Holy Saturday~
Awaiting the Resurrection!
Breakfast: Resurrection Rolls from Eat at Allies
Lunch: Leftovers and salad
Dinner: Onion frittata from Martha Stewart Living
(I will be blowing out egg shells to decorate, so we'll need to use up the eggs!)
*Craft: Easter Story Cookies from Catholic Icing

~Easter Sunday!~
He is Risen!
Easter Story Cookies (from last night)
Peep pancakes from I.E. Ice Cream (too fun to pass up)
Ham & fruit
Easter Dinner with Family!

Blessings on your Holy Week!

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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