Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cookies, cookies, everywhere

Our MoMo really outdid herself this time.

On Tuesday, while I was testing, MoMo helped us out by picking G-Bear up from school.

Our babysitter was a little concerned when G-Bear wasn't home for lunch 45 minutes after her class dismissal time.  After all, we only live a mile from the school.  

I had forgotten to warn our babysitter about MoMo.

To be sure, MoMo and G-Bear were foot-loose and fancy-free. They were driving around the neighborhood looking for their favorite treat spot.  

When MoMo finally dropped G-Bear back home for lunch, she left G-Bear with a giant bag of loot from the bakery.

"Just a few cookies for the Bears," said MoMo.

When I got home and examined G-Bear's haul, my jaw dropped.  
MoMo had sent G-Bear home with four types of cookies, filling two boxes,
 plus a third box filled with a half-dozen cupcakes!

MoMos do not give up sweets for Lent.
They make sure that their grandchildren don't either.

MoMo kindly called later in the evening to ask me how the test had been.
She also was kind enough to ask if the kids had come down from their cookie-induced sugar high.

T asked MoMo what prompted the massive purchase.
MoMo replied,
"Oh, well, G-Bear was standing at the glass counter admiring all the cookies for the longest time.  
When I asked her which one she wanted, she said 'MoMo, I need a minute, I am having such a hard time deciding.'  MOST kids her age would have said they wanted more than one, but not G-Bear!  She just needed another minute to decide.  She was just so sweet about it that I couldn't resist asking her which ones she liked and just getting them all."

I think G-Bear and MoMo have figured out each other.

Feel free to stop by our house for a cookie. ;)


A said...

Three cheers for MoMo!

B-Mama said...

Queen B, hope you rocked the house with your tests. Way to go, mama! G-Bear, way to go with the cookies. Please give extra to our sweet godson! His baptismal gift will be on it's way soon, we promise!!!!! xoxo