Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Day in the Life of Buddy Bear

What could be cuter than....

a little boy who sleeps face down with us bottom in the air?

What could be sweeter than.....

a little boy who can't wait to get out of bed to greet his big brother with a morning tackle?

What could be bolder than.....

a little boy wearing his big brother's red cape and Lightning McQueen suit, racing around
the living room with arms outstretched and a "WHOOOSHHHHHH!"


a little boy who lays the couch pillows on the floor, 
just so that he can jump head first off the couch onto them?

What could be more humorous than....

a little boy who sits up the giant stuffed bear, gets a running start from across the room,
and tackles the bear into the floor?

What could be more contented than....

a little boy who asked to take a break in his bed
with his paci, his blankie, his monkey and his baby?  

What could be angrier than......

a little boy brought inside from playing in the backyard snow,
even if he's soaked and has been out there for over an hour?

What could be more excited than....

a little boy invited to watch Sesame Street, or Daniel Tiger, 
or Thomas the Train with his beloved siblings.

What could be calmer than....

a little boy snuggled on the bed with Mommy
reading his bedtime story.

This little boy is our Buddy Bear.  He is closing in on two years, living everyday to the fullest.  He'll keep you on your toes and love you to your knees, and he's got all of us wrapped around his precious little fingers.

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