Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Six months with J-Bear

In two days, our sweet J-Bear will be SIX MONTHS OLD!

Six months on All Saints!

I am celebrating this milestone with an early post for two reasons.  First of all,  I don't want it to get lost in all the Halloween and All Saints festivity that we have going on the rest of this week.  Second of all, J-Bear has already made several milestones this week in preparation for her 6 month day, as if to say, "I am ready!"

J-Bear began this week by pushing out a tooth.  That's right, there is no going back, our little lady has a tooth!  Her bottom right gum is no longer soft and squishy.  Now, she has an extra tool with which to gnaw on my fingers :)

Today, J-Bear sat upright by herself for the first time.  She was so pleased with herself!  She was flashing her glowing smile to anyone who would walk into the room.  Yes, it was a short-lived stint, only a minute or so, and then she slowly tilted onto her side on the ground.  But, I was again reminded that there is no going back.  I have officially put the bouncy seat away for yet a fourth time.  *SIGH*  Oh, how quickly these early days pass.

J-Bear still loves her johnny jumper.  She is also sitting in the high chair in the kitchen as I cook dinner. Buddy Bear is only too eager to share it, because it means that he gets to sit like a big boy on one of our kitchen counter stools.

J-Bear continues to be a princess beloved and doted upon by her older brothers.  She is a precious treasure to her older sister as well.  For her part, J-Bear is delighted to simply be around them.

Now, all that is left for J-Bear's six-month milestone is to start solid foods.  This can't come soon enough, in my opinion!  I just need to get my act together to take the plunge.  Given how poorly sweet J-Bear is sleeping at night these days, we all need it!

Lord, thank you for these six sweet months with our sweet J-Bear.  
We are all blessed and better for having her with us.

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