Saturday, October 19, 2013

On changing clothes, teaching class and awaiting Nana

I am fuzziest sock and my warmest fleece sweater.  A chill has arrived in the air.  This past week I spent a morning with all the kids in the closet changing over our clothes from summer short-sleeves to fall/winter warmth.  I was amazed to see how much G-Bear has grown in the past year (most of her winter clothes no longer fit).  I was also feeling nostalgic as I got out E-Bear's old clothes to add to Buddy Bear's shelves.  What a blessing it is for us to be able to hand clothes down to younger siblings!  Buddy Bear gets so excited to wear "new" clothes that E-Bear once wore.  

I am creating...a second exam for the students in my physiology class.  I have enjoyed teaching immensely.  I have also found it to be immensely challenging.  There is never enough time in the day to prepare as much as I would like.  Since T is able to be home with the kids during one of my lectures and during my lab time, we only have 3 hours of babysitter time each week.  That means I stay up late and wake up early to plan my lectures so that I can spend the daytime with the kids.  I enjoy introducing the miraculous human body to my students, as I watch them make connections that I remember making for the first time a decade ago.  I am also humbled and comforted by the fact that if I ever have the chance to teach again, I'll probably (hopefully!) do a better job having done it once before.

I am looking forward to... Nana's arrival this weekend.  We'll enjoy a full week of Nana's love and support, and we're all doing an excited, happy dance as a result. 

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SnoWhite said...

Just think - you are over halfway there! We start week 9 this week. You are so right in saying that we grow & learn so much in teaching, and each day is better than the one before. Each semester gets better too. I am praying for you often, friend.

Also, I made the pork roast recipe you shared last week in your menu (the balsamic one with the apples) & adapted it for the crockpot. It was a hit & so easy to make. Thanks for sharing it.