Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Five months with J-Bear

Today, of all the flowers in my garden,
one was by far the fairest.

She happens to be five months old today!

J-Bear, we rejoice in the way you greet each day with a smile
and help us to do the same.
You are adored by your doting siblings, and with your sweet disposition, it is easy to see why.
Buddy Bear loves to see you, hug you, tickle you.
E-Bear loves to hold you, distract you, and make you laugh.
G-Bear loves to come home so that she can play with you on your mat as I make dinner.

Your interest in the world grows by leaps and bounds everyday.  You can hold new toys, pull the grass, and put your beads in your mouth to chew.  I love to hear you giggle as we walk past the bathroom mirror together -- you are quite good at getting the attention of our reflections!

It is such a joy to have you in our lives, J-Bear.  
I love to snuggle you at my side in the sling, I love our afternoon rest time while you sleep next to me as I work, I love to see you enjoying your siblings and all the crazy chaos of our life around you.

We love you, sweet J-Bear.


SnoWhite said...

All those pictures are fantastic -- but especially the last one!!! Happy 5 months J-Bear!

B-Mama said...

Please give our sweet goddaughter a big hug from her godparents! She is adorable!!