Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One year of work for T!

I am thinking...that today is the one year anniversary of T working at his practice.  What a blessing the past year has been for our family!  After so many years of training, we have been so grateful to see the other side of residency and fellowship.  There are certainly challenges in the first year of a medical practice.  But, T has weathered each of them with his signature calm and poise.  When we look back on this first year, I can assure you we won't remember the challenges, but instead the blessings we have received.  T has been home some mornings for breakfast, we enjoy a new norm of family dinners together, T is able to attend school and family events and we enjoy greater free time together on the weekends.  I am also thankful for the way that T enjoys his work with his patients and comes home so happy.  We are grateful for the friends we have made through his practice, the hardworking team members that help him everyday, and the support and mentorship of his partners.  May God continue to bless this path!

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