Saturday, October 26, 2013

A favorite quote for today...

E-Bear: "I am ready for Nana to go home.  She is taking too many of our leaves."
(Super Nana gets no credit for raking and packing our whole yard of leaves yesterday!!)

Buddy Bear: "Mommy, mommy, knock-knock!"
Me:  "No more knock-knock jokes, Buddy Bear.  But you can tell Papa a joke when you see him."
Buddy Bear:  "Ohhhh, that a good idea.  My tell PAPA a knock-knock joke.  Gweat idea Mommy!"

E-Bear: "Papa, do you want to play soccer with me?  When we play together, you are going to be impressed, because I have some really good moves."

A peek into my day... with this precious crew. 

n.b. Thanks to the Simple Woman's Daybook for the Daybook inspiration

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A said...

Nana is the taker of leaves! I love it. :)