Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall break and fall sandwiches

Nota bene: continuing with a week of Daybook entries, I am grateful to the Simple Woman's Daybook for ongoing inspiration.

I am thankful...that we all get more time with G-Bear this week, as it is her fall break from school.  It is such a treat to have everyone home together all week.  We have enjoyed trips to the library, Children's Museum and various playgrounds.  But, what I enjoy most of all are the sounds of all the kids playing together like we did all summer, as well as the more leisurely conversations we're able to enjoy since we aren't always rushing to our next pick-up or drop-off.

In the kitchen...I am enjoying new recipes as I use up fresh fall produce from the farmer's market.  Today I had a delicious lunch sandwich made with fresh tomato salsa (using up tomatoes from our garden) and carrot-top pesto.  When I bought fresh carrots for the kids' lunches this week (the fresh carrots taste SO much sweeter than the mini variety!), I just couldn't bear to part with the gorgeous top greens.  So, I saved them and later found this great bon appetit recipe for carrot top pesto.  No joke, it tastes DELICIOUS on whole wheat bread, even better when topped with fresh pico salsa (made with farmer's market cilantro, green onions, jalepenos and homegrown tomatoes!).

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