Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween!

This year, Papa and MoMo's pumpkin had some friends come to visit.

E-Bear, G-Bear and Buddy Bear's pumpkins with Papa's pumpkin on Halloween.
G-Bear, E-Bear, Buddy Bear and I carved our own pumpkins this year for the first time.  We were all happy with our final faces.  By the time the sun went down on Halloween, our pumpkins were ready to light the way for trick-or-treating.

This year, we had talked about how we can be like our Halloween pumpkins.  Just like we dig out all the yucky inside of our pumpkins when we carve them, Jesus will clean the sin out of our hearts if we trust him.   Just like our pumpkins light our way on Halloween, if we have Jesus in our hearts, we can be lights in the world too.

MoMo's table was festive as always. She had pumpkin breads, pumpkin ravioli and green "finger" breadsticks with almond fingernails for dinner.  Somehow, even though we could hardly wait to venture out for treats, we managed to eat a good dinner before trick-or-treating.

This year, we had a black cat (G-Bear), a black bat (E-Bear), a Woody cowboy (Buddy Bear) and a little pumpkin (J-Bear).  G-Bear and E-Bear had both created their own costumes this year.  G-Bear even made her own mask, and E-Bear and I made his together.  Daddy T was dressed as a dragon, but he had shed his costume by the time we took pictures.   

Our little J-Bear looked pumpkin perfect in our traditional 6-month-old halloween costume!  She was a trooper for the evening, even holding out for the first few houses of trick-or-treating before falling asleep.

Our crew made it 6 blocks in MoMo and Papa's neighborhood and came back with a GIANT bag of treats. Now we have to figure out what to do with all our candy!  One of my favorite memories from this Halloween will be the sweet way that Buddy Bear would say "Happy Halloween!  Trick or Treat! Thank you!"  to everyone he met.  He certainly had great examples to follow in his older brother and sister.

By the end of the evening, we were exhausted.  Everyone was excited to choose two treats before bedtime.  E-Bear was especially excited:  "You mean we get to have TWO treats, not just one?!  That must be because this is a REALLY special day."  It was indeed a special day.  Happy Halloween!

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