Saturday, November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks 2013

Last week, G-Bear quizzed me, "Mommy, did you know that 'Thanksgiving' is a compound word?"  "Yes," responded E-Bear before I could answer, "because it could be changed around to 'Giving Thanks."  Clearly, there had been some coaching going on, but I was impressed.  But no matter how you say the word, we have had a wonderful time giving thanks this Thanksgiving.

This year, we celebrated at the cabin.  

We spent Thanksgiving morning eating apple cake and making pilgrim napkin rings 

and Thankful Turkeys.

We romped in the woods with loved ones.

We peeled carrots, 

mashed squash, 

chopped brussels sprouts,

 and pureed sweet potatoes like true pilgrims.  :)

After the turkey was carved, 

it was time to feast.  

E-Bear loved the turkey, G-Bear loved the mashed potatoes, 
Buddy Bear loved the cranberry, and J-Bear even tried some sweet potato.

But that wasn't all.

This year, the kids put on an after-dinner production of the First Thanksgiving.
I was the narrator, E-Bear and G-Bear were pilgrims, and Buddy Bear was Squanto.
It was a hit!

We also continued the tradition of the annual After-Thanksgiving puzzle.
(Some people shop on Black Friday.  We puzzle.)
This year, it was a Disney special with 1000 pieces. The puzzle took us 2 days.  
Everyone pitched in (including all of the kids!), and it was a great pastime as always.

There was also a bit of football to watch.  We won't say much more about that.

There were some fireworks to watch as well 
(Those turned out better than the football).

All in all, we are feeling blessed and grateful for family, friendship, and full lives.  We also come away from our family weekend feel compelled to share our blessings with others. 

Could there be a better segue into Advent?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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SnoWhite said...

It was so special this year to have Thanksgiving & advent right next to one another. Such a treat to go from giving thanks to anticipating Christ. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend celebrating.