Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jumping for leaves

This past weekend we managed to collect the remaining leaves in our yard before the first snow of the season.  We raked a humongous pile.

E-Bear and G-Bear set to work doing what kids do best: jumping in the leaves.

We couldn't contain our giggles.

The dives where worthy of perfect "10's"!

Oh my, what fun!  Just don't tell Buddy Bear, the poor guy was napping the whole time.  

After our jumping escapades, it was time to fill up our leaf bags and visit the compost pile.  The mountain of leaves at the compost was legendary.  Seriously, it was a nirvana for leaf lovers.  

E-Bear and G-Bear helped unload the leaf bags.

Great job, team!

Our tree worked so hard to make those leaves all summer, and now the last are raked and gone! *Sigh*.  I would be sad, except that it snowed today, and the kids were just so excited.  Colder days are ahead of us, and we'll surely enjoy them too.

Happily Ever,
Queen B

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