Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring in NC

We have never experienced spring in North Carolina before.  
By all reports, we have hit the jackpot.  

The view from our porch and window: a glorious Yoshino Cherry Tree.
Our March here in North Carolina reminds me of summer in Minnesota: both are idyllic.  The string of 70-80 degree days here has been so spectacular (and early!) that locally grown strawberries already grace the shelves of our grocery stores.

Today we walked to the park to enjoy the flowering trees.  
Our neighborhood is awash in brilliant color!  

It is as if the whole world wants to remind us: 
"Lent is coming to an end, Easter is almost here!"

 The Dogwood blossoms remind us that Easter is near.

All along our walk, petals were blowing in the breeze, falling all around us.
G-Bear said, 
"Mommy, it looks like you and Daddy are in a wedding!"

The gratuitous beauty of spring is awe-inspiring.

And, do you remember this rose bush?  

Quite the stunning difference, no?
It remains my daily reminder that after the pruning of Lent, Easter blooms,

The amazing Kwanzan Cherry blossoms. 

and Christ wants to bloom in all of us. 

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