Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eleven Months of Baby Bear

He crawls,
he babbles,
he furniture-walks,
he rides contented in the carrier, both front and back,
he giggles at his sister and laughs with his brother,
he snuggles his green blankie,
he sits and knocks at the door where his siblings are playing,
he wrestles with G-Bear,
he races with E-Bear,
he's up once a night but goes back to sleep,
he wants what you have,
he won't be distracted,
he feeds himself,
he eats and eats and eats and eats,
and he terrorizes my shelves and cabinets.

He's a "silly moose,"
a "monster man,"
and our "'lil buddy:"

he's our Baby Bear, and he is eleven months old!

Next month is the big ONE.  I can't believe how quickly time flies.

1 comment:

K said...

He's my nephew! I'm one lucky auntie... : )