Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

There is often a brief hiatus in blog posts over Memorial Weekend.  That is because we usually congregate as a family at the cabin.  I have written in the past of this treasured family hideaway, which has been in the family for four generations.  This weekend we shared another grand gathering, complete with Nana in tow.  A day in the life at the cabin is not to be missed:

If you are lucky, you will wake up to the smell of Papa's bacon and GranMo's carmel rolls,

and the sound of John Denver's "Country Boy" playing on the record player.

After breakfast, there is the requisite living room dancing to "Grandma's Feather Bed" 
(E-Bear and G-Bear show cased their dance talent this year),

while some enjoy the view from the kitchen picture window.
It was Baby Bear's first trip to Cabin Clear, and he fit right in.  He already loves the great outdoors.

When everyone is dressed, it is time to take the path down to the lake. 
It's a long and winding path, but it is worth it.

Once life jackets are on, it is time for a boat ride.
The men had done a great job of getting the boats in the water, despite the questionable weather.

G-Bear and E-Bear were breathless with excitement.

It was chilly on the dock and even colder on the boat, 

but fortunately, we all came prepared, even Baby Bear.

We cruised on Papa's pontoon and enjoyed the sights of the lake.  
This year we found a loon's nest and a beaver dam, both right on the lakeshore.

G-Bear loves to drive the boat with Papa.

E-Bear and T take in the sights

The lake is a special place to share with those you love.

After a few of Aunty Sharon's legendary meals, if you still have room for dessert, campfire s'mores are the perfect treat.  The kids roasted their own marshmallows this year, which was a huge hit.  
Nana helped E-Bear,

and G-Bear perfected her technique.

G-Bear and I like our marshmallows brown all around, with a little char to make it extra oozy.  Delicious!

If all goes well, baths are required after dessert!

Note the s'more in the hair.  Good luck brushing that out!

By far, however, the best part of being at the Cabin is just being together.  

Thanks be to God and our veterans for Memorial Day.  Thanks be to GranMo and our Aunties, Papa and our uncles, Nana, T and the kids for making this Memorial Day at the Cabin so very special.

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