Friday, May 27, 2011

Going to the zoo, zoo zoo

G-Bear's first year of preschool is rapidly coming to a close.  This week, her class celebrated "Z" day and the completion of their alphabet weeks by taking a trip to our local zoo.  

Nana, E-Bear, Baby Bear and I all got to come along as "chaperones."  

E-Bear fit right in with G-Bear and her friends.  She and her friends were so sweet to include him.

E-Bear also loves G-Bear's amazing teacher, Mrs. Rogers.  
They were often holding her hand at the same time.

As we left the zoo, we took a few minutes to ride the old carousel.  

There is something almost magical about the old, wooden carousels.  They are so rare and hard to find these days.  All the horses are unique and hand carved.  Plus, it moves quickly!  We had to really hold on so that we wouldn't fly off!  But nobody seemed to complain :)

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