Monday, May 9, 2011

Medical School Graduation

The Countdown to Graduation Finale is in the works, but right now it is time to reminisce about the amazing graduation weekend.

Friday May 7th was a fabulous day.  
It was the day that I graduated from medical school!

The crew in attendance, including Nana who took the picture.

I expected the day to be special, but I had no idea how wonderful it would feel to walk in the graduation procession and look up to see my loved ones waving and cheering.

Can you spot the happy momma?

I also had someone to keep me company during the 2 hour ceremony.  Can you spot the little blue bundle in my lap?  That's right, it's Baby Bear!  MoMo brought him down to the aisle for me once I had processed.  Thankfully, he slept through  the whole thing until the end.

Can you spot the stowaway? 

I couldn't resist carrying Baby Bear with me as I went up the stage to be hooded.  He was there to represent T, G-Bear and E-Bear, because all four have shared in so much of my medical school experience.

Getting my hood, Baby Bear in tow.
Meanwhile, the Bears were behaving beautifully in the audience for the extended program, aided only slightly by rare juice box and animal cracker treats.

A few celebrities even gave me high fives as I processed out!

Afterwards, we enjoyed reception treats in the seats so that Baby Bear could get a snack.  After all, he had been so patient.

G-Bear and I share a moment after the ceremony.


Pretty easy going kid, that Baby Bear.
Then the kids and I practiced our heart sounds with the new stethoscope that MoMo had given them as a present:

We got to see the Amazing Miss R and thank her for all her help in getting me through medical school:

Miss R holding Baby Bear for the first time.

And then there were the two people whose hard work over the years has made so much of my life and work possible:

How does one express inexpressible thanks to the amazing parents who have given so much?

And then, there was the moment that I took this picture with G-Bear, knowing that she has been with me every single day of medical school, even though she will never remember most of it.  What a special day for both of us.

We relaxed at home for a bit after the ceremony.  Then the adults (and one Baby Bear) headed out to celebrate with a fabulous dinner at Forepaugh's.

When the waitstaff heard about the special occasion we were celebrating, they generously seated us in the spectacular wine cellar.

We laughed, reminisced, reveled, enjoyed.  The food was amazing.  The company was priceless.  We couldn't have asked for a more special evening.

Seven years ago, I sat with my parents over dinner and shared with them the crazy idea that I wanted to quit my law school track and try to go to medical school.  When I told them all the reasons why it was an impossible fantasy, they refused to let me believe my doubts rather than my dreams.  My mom even said, "Queen B, you are going to be 30 someday anyway.  You might as well be 30 having pursued your dream than look back and only wish you had tried."   From that very first moment, my parents encouraged my aspirations, led by example, and sacrificed their time, treasure and energy to help me achieve my goal.  It was so fitting that my medical school career would end with us all sitting together over dinner once again.

 Thanks to all our family and friends, who helped make this big day possible!  Thank you, Lord!


B-Mama said...

Oh B, this post has me a tearful mama mess! How beautiful! I LOVE that you had baby bear with you during the ceremony. SO special. Each of your children has and will be blessed because you pursued your dreams. Excellent job well done, mama! Our hats off to T too!

Chrisy said...

What phenomenal memories your Bears will have thanks to you, T, and their Grands! I was searching for your cape in all the pictures. I think I saw a piece of your mom and dads capes showing in one of the pictures. Maybe I was mistaken though. Maybe it wasnt capes I was seeing in their pictures; maybe it was angels wings! And I know there has to be a story behind T's red pants. Please make one up if there isn't! Congratulations again.

SnoWhite said...

What a beautiful celebration-filled weekend! I'm so happy for you, B!!! Or, should I say, "Dr. B"!!!

Blessings, friend.

Luke and Jen said...

You would totally take a baby to sit with you and across the stage -- I love that about you! Congratulations :)