Monday, May 16, 2011

Grocery Bag, Postpartum Edition

There has been a conspicuous absence of Grocery Bag posts for the past 3 weeks since Baby Bear's arrival.  This week will be no exception -- no Grocery Bag meal planning again for me.  But, that is not to say that we are starving or that we have no dinner plan for the week!

I have to dedicate this Monday's Grocery Bag to all of our family and friends who have blessed us with meals since we came home with Baby Bear.  I have no Grocery Bag posts because I have prepared so few meals myself!  We have received beautiful homemade dishes, restaurant take-out, meal gift certificates, grocery store deliveries, my favorite chocolate hazelnut torte dessert, and even a cooler of Dean & Deluca frozen food via express mail from friends in Seattle.   And let me tell you, the next day leftovers have been delicious!

Before I had G-Bear, I would have never thought to bring a meal to new parents.  Thank goodness that others knew what an amazing blessing it would be to us!  Now a more experienced momma, I think there may be no better gift for new parents (especially a new mom with other kids at home!) than a meal delivered.  We are especially grateful for the people who have organized multiple meal deliveries with several friends, keeping our tummies full for weeks on end.  What a gift!

From all of us in Happily Ever Johnson Land, thank you for our happy tummies!

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