Monday, May 23, 2011

Overheard in the house this week 10...

E-Bear:  "Mommy, your baby needs you; you need to hold him.  I don't want him to cry."

G-Bear:  "Mommy, I like your shirt!  Is that a complement?"
E-Bear:  "Mommy, I love you. Is that a complement?"
(Can you tell what the Word on the Street was on Sesame Street this week?  I'm loving it!)

E-Bear (after falling down in the bushes): "Ouch! Ouweee!  I hurt my bottom! Mommy, I hurt my bottom! Mommy, can you kiss my bottom?"

G-Bear:  "Oh, it's okay sweeeeeetie."
(in her most soothing voice while gently rubbing the head of screaming Baby Bear)

E-Bear (Red cape on, arms stretched out, running down the hall to the exam room at the doctor's office for G-Bear's check-up):  "Mommy, I am going to WHOOSH back to the castle!"  (i.e. the exam room)  "WHOOSH!"

G-Bear: "Mommy, do you want to meet my friend Kelly?  This is Kelly."
Me (noticing that Kelly seems to be an invisible friend who is sitting on my bed): "Hi, Kelly, nice to meet you."
G-Bear: "Kelly just had a baby and she is here in the hospital just like you, Mom.  Do you want to hold her baby? She says you can hold her baby. "
Me (picking up an imaginary baby): "Well, sure, I would love to hold her baby."
G-Bear:  "Oops, her baby just pooped.  You can change her diaper for Kelly."

E-Bear:  Mommy, can I have a hug?  Oh, wait.  Be careful of my ouwee on my knee."
Me:  "Ok, E-Bear, I'll be careful."
E-Bear : "But don't worry, it's getting better.  I have a Buzz and Woody bandaid on it!"

E-Bear (leaping out of bed in the morning):  "Gooooood morning trains!  It's time to get up!  Do you want to play?  Mommy, do you want to play too?  You can have James."

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