Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tunnel Slide

Today Nana took E-Bear to the park while I was at a meeting and G-Bear was at school.  He amazed her with the fearlessness with which he tackled the slides.  She suggested a low, slow, straight slide for him as they arrived at the park.  E-Bear chose instead to climb the tower to ride down the tallest, twisty tunnel slide.

Tunnel slides can be scary because it is hard for kids to see the bottom.
When it comes to life, many of us are the same way.

"I wode the TUNNEL swide, Mommy!"  E-Bear announced proudly when I returned from my meeting.

"Great job, E-Bear!"  I replied.

"I a BIG boy!"  He said.

Nana wisely commented that E-Bear's approach to slides is the way we should all be going through life:

In the Park of Life, ride the tunnel slide rather than the straight slide.
You can't see your way to the bottom, 
you have to trust God to get you there.

Well said, Nana.  And way to go, E-Bear.

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