Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nanas are Awesome

NB: All of the below Nana accolades apply to GranMos as well.

GranMo just returned from a week away in Boston.
Nana comes tomorrow to visit for the second (of three!) time in 8 weeks.

We are living the high life around here!

The awesomeness of Nanas is well know around these parts.  
Everything is better when Nanas are around.

For instance:

At our house, there is storytime before bedtime.....

....and there is ipod video time before bedtime with Nana: 

Note storybook replaced by ipod videos....likely princesses.

At our house, there are jellybean treats after dinner.....

and then there is treat time with Nana:

G-Bear's sundae creation built by Nana.

The smile says it all.  Hey, Mom!  Check out my treat!

At our house there is nap time...

and then there is nap time with Nana:

No nap time like cuddling with Nana!

See what I mean?  Our house is the place to be this week.  We are soooooo excited to have Nana coming (and GranMo back!) again.

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Chrisy said...

Nanas and DruDrus are the most precious of people in our family as well. And I noted how fabulously G-Bear was treated to the Silver Goblet treatment when she was presented her ice cream treat. I bet she didnt note how special this was! The Nana Treatment truly is a Gift from our Heavenly Father. Blessings to you and yours this wonderful Spring week :)