Friday, June 3, 2011

Daybook for June 2011

Ahh, a Daybook entry, what better way is there to ramble on and muse about the latest happenings?  It's sort of like sitting down with a small town paper: nothing too earth-shattering and the news borders on local gossip, but you can't help but read anyway.  Thanks, as always, to The Simple Woman's Daybook for providing the inspiration.

Outside my window...The breeze has been blowing in the trees all day, a perfect green June day with sunshine and puffy clouds.  Spring has finally arrived, just in time for summer.   E-Bear, Baby Bear and I took a long walk to the bank today while G-Bear was at school.  I wore a t-shirt, and I got sunburned on my arms.  Thank you, Lord, for lovely sunny days like today. 

I am thinking...About how quickly the next 7 weeks are going fly by before our move.  All of a sudden,  life feels like someone hit the accelerator.  The summer seems to be condensing, and it hasn't even really started.  Approaching moves have a way of making me terribly nostalgic and attached to my present surroundings.  This may be in part because I hate the process of packing and moving.  I feel frazzled just thinking about it.  Just breathe in and out slowly, Queen B.  Does anyone have a paper bag?

I am thankful for...Nana, who was just here for 10 days and will be back in two weeks, my mom who drops everything to bring G-Bear to school or take us to lunch, T who is back home from his last trip before fellowship starts, and my sweet kids who are handling all our big transitions with so much grace and happiness.  Families are truly a gift.  I am so thankful for mine. 

From the learning rooms... I just signed the kids and myself up for playdough and ice cream making classes at a nearby toy store along with another week of swimming lessons.  Gotta love summer learning!  What could be better?

In the kitchen...We are enjoying Greek and Indian this week, thanks to yet another wonderful friend who brought us dinner, and my "The Indian Slowcooker" cookbook that T got me for my birthday.  Who knew there were so many kinds of lentils?  Who knew that they all taste so different when cooked?  I admit that I have room to improve my Indian cuisine, but I can't complain too much because the slowcooker makes it so easy to make a good meal for a family of five.

I am wearing...Dress pants and a blouse, because I got to go to a Catholic Medical Association dinner tonight while the kids played with The Amazing Miss R.  It was a wonderful blessing to get out with other adults, knowing that my kids are having even more fun than I, getting to see their favorite babysitter.  We are going to miss The Amazing Miss R so very much.

I am creating...A plan for the final 40 dinners that we will have in our house between now and when we move.  Really, I actually counted the number of dinners that we are likely to eat at home before we move.  Call me crazy, or perhaps overly preoccupied by the food in my pantry.  I am trying to decide if I can make that many meals without buying anything except fresh dairy and produce at the store.  After all, who wants to pack and haul soy sauce and evaporated milk in a cross-country move?

I am going...To be sitting next to T at his residency graduation in just two short weeks.  Unbelievable.  Thank you, Jesus.  We have come so far in the last five, long years.

I am reading..."Lifeline: The Religious Upbringing of Your Children" by James Stenson.  Actually, I am re-reading it, and I am sure I will read it again in the future.  What a wonderful, encouraging book focusing on the longterm, important mission of raising kids and the potential of parenthood as well as practical ideas for success in parenting!  After a day of dealing with joys and challenges of the details moments of parenting, it is nice to be reminded of the longterm significance of a job well done.

I am hoping...That at our next school G-Bear will have another class and teachers as special as the ones she has enjoyed in preschool this year.  It is so hard for me to think that she won't be able to be with the same class and teachers in the fall.  The ten kids in her class have all grown to be great friends, and each of us adores her two fabulous teachers.  What a blessing that her first school experience has been so wonderful!  Our whole family has been blessed by her positive experience at school this year.  Good teachers are truly a treasure and blessing to many more people than just the kids in their classes.

I am hearing... Baby Bear's sweet humming noises as he sleeps here beside me.  He purrs, hums, sings and grunts in his sleep.  Just what does he dream about at six weeks of age?

Around the house...There are the toy remains of princess dress-up, playing doctor, playing kitchen, and "going to the beach."  G-Bear and E-Bear are masters of creative play these days.  Just look out if they invite you to play "pillow tower," because as everyone knows, pillow towers are made to be jumped on, and bodies will start flying.

One of my favorite things...At least right now, is my morning cup of coffee courtesy of the fancy one cup coffee maker that my mom gave me for Christmas.  I have never owned a coffee pot before, and I was drinking International Foods coffee mix when she gave it to me last winter.  What genius and foresight by the woman who brought me into the world!  Even if it's a decaf morning (and it usually is), I can't wait to push a button and have a steamy cup of coffee all to myself.  It's like a personal vacation, just in time for sesame street.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Art fairs, stroller rides, swimming pools, farmer's markets, bubble blowing, chalk drawing, finger painting, popsicle making, and whatever else feels like summer.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing: (best when viewed in rapid succession!)

G-Bear's Advice for Summer:
Always wear your dancing skirt and bring your dancing partner, even to a picnic at the lake.  
You never know when it might be time to dance.  

Happy June!  Enjoy these summer days!

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