Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preschool Graduation Day

G-Bear has had a special year at school.  Today is her Graduation Day program.  We are all excited to celebrate with her class.  Her teachers and classmates have been an irreplaceable part of our year.

The shirt G-Bear's teacher made for her this year.  Everyone feels special in G-Bear's class!

G-Bear may have said it best last night as T was tucking her in to bed:

"Daddy, tomorrow is my last day of school and then I am going to be very sad because I am not ever going to go back to my school.  I am going to have to give my friends lots of big hugs or else I might cry!"

Something tells me that G-Bear will have so much fun today that she won't be shedding any tears.....

.........but T and I might have to blink a few back.

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