Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Overheard in the house this week 11...

"My tongue is OPEN!"  
~E-Bear, mouth wide open and tongue sticking out, employing a new tactic for getting a snack from T, who was eating from a bag of potato chips.

T:  "Have fun at Vacation Bible School today, G-Bear.  Your hair looks pretty in that braid.  Did Mommy braid your hair for you?"
G-Bear:  "No, Miss R did it for me.  She knows how to french.  Mommy doesn't know how to french, do you, Mom?"
(You should have seen the look on T's face!)

"My tummy is FIRSTY!"
~E-Bear, expressing a need for something to drink.

"Look, Daddy, that car doesn't have a top!  It's a Breezy car!"
~G-Bear, as we passed a parked convertible.  Now we are all calling convertibles "Breezy Cars!"

While reading What Do People Do All Day, by Richard Scary:
Me (reading): "Some workers do their work in one place, others travel from place to place to do their jobs.  What do YOU do?  Well, you two are good helpers, aren't you?"
G-Bear: "And, I work hard at dancing!"
E-Bear: "And I play hard with my toys!"

At least we are all doing our part around here!

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