Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Chiefs' Last Hurrah

T and his residency classmates officially rode off into the sunset of residency last Friday.
After five long years, they have left the ranks of residents.

The eight chief residents, class of 2011.

Last Friday, all eight of the outgoing chief residents and their spouses spent the afternoon and evening celebrating victory over the past five years.  These eight worked so hard and have grown so close, as have their loved ones.  We celebrated these special relationships, significant accomplishments and five years of memories together.  Now it's time to go our separate ways as they study for Boards and head off for fellowships.

We are going to miss our precious friends,

Don't these eight look happy to be done?

but we're all pretty excited that residency is over.

The spouses celebrating.
Who do you looks more excited about graduation?

And T, I have said it before but I must say it again,

I am so proud of you.   
I love you.


SnoWhite said...

cute photos! I'm pretty sure the spouses/cheering squad looks more excited in these photos :) Congrats, T, on the huge accomplishment.

lotsofjoyfulnoise said...

Congrats T! and I agree, these photos are amazing (isn't that a new one on the side too?) and didn't you have a baby recently? You look amazing! (ok, I am clearly distracted; congrats to T and the whole family!)