Monday, June 27, 2011

And the award goes to.....

In our family we have a tradition of occasionally awarding the very prestigious "Super-Duper Trooper" Award for extraordinarily good behavior, supportiveness, or other heroics.  I think T and I began giving the award to each other even before we had kids, although I can't really seem to remember the genesis of this esteemed prize at the moment.

Tonight, it is with great pride that I announce the winner of this weekend's "Super-Duper Trooper" Award is (drumroll and envelope, please) ...........

..... Baby Bear! 

This is a particularly momentous occasion because this is Baby Bear's first SDT Award.  We are all very proud of him for earning this distinction at such a young age.  He rocketed into the favored position for the award during our 3 hour ride home from the cabin this evening, as he was the only passenger under 5 years of age who did not holler, wail, cry or whine for most of the trip home.  His behavior was, in fact, quite impeccable.  We applaud you, Baby Bear!  May there be many more SDT Awards in your future!

*Judges' note:  Although E-Bear and G-Bear did not win the SDT Award tonight, I must in fairness admit that I remember Sunday night car rides home from the cabin when I was their age.  Three hours in the back of a minivan can feel like a purgatorious lifetime for children ages 6 months - 18 years after a weekend of late nights and sugary desserts at the cabin.  I did my share of wailing in the back seat of my parents' car when I was the Bears' age.  My parents will likely chuckle that tonight's car ride was just deserts for me.  Ah, well, thanks to Baby Bear's excellent contribution, the commotion remained at only a moderate roar.   Who's ready to drive four hours to GG's cabin next weekend ?!

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