Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween out and about

Happy Halloween Weekend!  The goblins are already out in our neighborhood.  We live in a college neighborhood, so this weekend has been one of the rowdiest of the school year so far.  While I find myself rolling my eyes at all the ruckus passing by our house late at night, the kids have had a much better attitude.   They have being totally entertained by the costumed students prowling the neighborhood this weekend.  

Today we had lots of fun getting ready for tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peak at the 2010 Johnson Pumpkin Patch:

We spent the day trying on our costumes and attending a local business district's Halloween festivities, complete with trick-o-treating through the stores.  E-Bear got really good at saying "trick-o-treat!"  G-Bear was already a pro.

Tonight we went for a walk down to the Minnesota Gopher football stadium to catch a glimpse of the Halloween action and the night game hosting Ohio State.  We stood outside the gates of the stadium with the kids, watching the megatron and oooing at the crowd.  Suddenly, a man inside the gate reached through the giant bars and handed T two tickets for his third row, end zone seats.  "Here," he said, "would you guys like to see the game?  I won't be needing these tonight, they are my extra tickets."  

Oh my goodness! We were speechless!  We raced into the stadium with the kids and found the seats, right behind the goal posts in the middle third row.  We couldn't believe we were getting to watch the game so close to the field.  It was E-Bear and G-Bear's first football game, and we all had a blast.  Too bad the Gophers got clobbered.  You would never know it by the smiles:

We even made it onto the jumbotron, and if you watch field goal replays on YouTube from the game, you might just see us: behind the left goalpost in the third row  :)  

I hope that nice man who gave us his seats could see our smiles from where he was sitting.  I wish he could know how much fun it was for us to get to go to the game, what a truly special treat it was for us.  I was so taken aback by his generosity to complete strangers.  Hopefully our family can pay the blessing forward to others in the future.  Random acts of kindness truly make the world a better place.  

It's been a wonderful Halloween weekend for us so far.   Have a safe and happy All Saints' Eve!  


Luke and Jen said...

That's awesome!

SnoWhite said...

wow -- what a blessing! What a wonderful weekend indeed.

Juris Mater said...

Good for you for seizing the moment, and for taking enough warm clothes to get you through an entire night game!! Looks like great fun : )