Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl

Our wonderful babysitter, the Amazing Miss R, got married this weekend.  G-Bear and E-Bear were fortunate enough to be the flower girl & ring bearer, respectively.  We are still re-living the fantastic experience of getting to be a part of Miss R's & Mr. Z's special day.  At dinner tonight, when T asked G-Bear what she did today, she replied, "We had a great time at the wedding."  

Here are a few of our favorite memories from our big day.  Thanks to Miss R, her family & Mr. Z, who lavished love and tenderness on my munchkins and included them in such a cherished day. 

First, there were many preparations:

Getting dressed with the wedding party at the church.
T was in charge of helping E-Bear with the bow tie.
Miss R even took time out from her preparation to braid G-Bear's hair.  Wow.

Getting ready with Jr Bridesmaid (and our beloved friend!), H.

Had to take a photo shoot break to pass some time.

Gotta love the smile on this guy.

Dressed up and looking good.

 Then there was the official photo shoot,

The bride and her adoring entourage.
 and some last minute practice to make perfect.

In the real procession, the kids blew away my every expectation.  They not only walked together down the aisle, but G-Bear dropped her petals and E-Bear smiled beautifully.  The only near-panic moments came after they successfully made it down the aisle.  E-Bear was distressed that he didn't get to go stand with Miss R, who arrived shortly after him, and G-Bear was distressed that the runner was pulled up the aisle, covering the petals she had carefully dropped for Miss R to see.  I assured her that she could drop even more petals for Miss R on the way out.  

Then there was the rice toss for the happy couple,

a few hugs and enthusiastic waves good-bye,
A few enthusiastic hugs and waves good-bye
 and of course, family pictures before the dinner dance reception.

MoMo & Papa were so proud.

Our whole crew
After dancing our hearts out at the reception, T and I carried the happy and exhausted flower girl and ring bearer to their chariot toward bedtime.  As we left the reception, G-Bear sighed blissfully, 
"Wow, THAT was a long party. And VERY fun."

Congratulations to Miss R & Mr Z.  
We love you.

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KJS said...

I showed Ella the pictures (Sienna is sleeping!) and she said that everyone looks beautiful and she wants to be in a wedding with Gabrielle again. Vow renewal anyone?!?! Ella wants to type her own name on this comment, so here she is signing off...Love, ELLA MOM DAD SIENNA TYLER