Monday, October 11, 2010

Grocery Bag

I am ready to savor this week.  It is my last week of before returning to work and the last week for most of the Minneapolis farmers markets.  *Sigh*.  Whoa, I stand corrected, (by an early morning comment from the Minneapolis Farmers Market itself!) the mighty Mpls Farmers Market remains open 7 days a week, even as others phase out.  I'll be shopping there until the last stall closes.  So, while I'll have to adjust to life back at the hospital next week, I won't have to head back to the grocery store produce section just yet.  

Thank goodness for the beautiful weather and all of our autumn family fun.  Here are my meal ideas to get us through this week.  Thanks for reading today.

Day One
Corn Chowder from Food & Wine Magazine
with grilled cheese squares
Everyone should have a favorite corn chowder recipe.  This is mine.
It's a delicious, hearty soup that we love.  I add bacon and top with fresh parsley.  
We cut our grilled cheese into mini squares: perfect for little fingers and for dipping.
Corn Chowder photo at

Day Two
Beef & Cheesy Noodle Bake from Cooking Light
This is a great baked pasta that hides veggies from picky eaters.  
It is another favorite dish in our house.
Beef & Cheesy Noodle Bake photo from

Now, at some point in the week you are going to want to buy a rotisserie chicken or cook a whole chicken like me, so that you will have plenty of cooked, shredded chicken at the ready for the next two meals.  But before you throw out your leftover chicken, DO YOURSELF a FAVOR and SAVE SOME MONEY and use your bones and chicken leftovers to make chicken stock.  It's so easy!  Just cover the carcass with water, some salt & your favorite herbs in a crock pot and cook on low overnight (after dinner!) or for 10-12 hours.  Strain the broth off the solids & either use it right away for your next dinner or freeze in containers for future use.  As T has proclaimed, "this is the REAL stuff.  It just tastes better."

from Pam Anderson's Perfect One-Dish Dinners
Use some of  you cooked chicken in this delish dinner.
My aunt is a fabulous cook and recommends this with rave reviews.  
I can't wait to make it myself.

with homemade wheat bread
Yum.  Great for study nights with friends...they always ask for the recipe.  
Great way to use your new homemade broth and cooked chicken.

Creamy Chicken Soup photo at

Day Five

Thanks for meal planning with us this week!  A great place to find other menus is at Menu Planning Monday, hosted by Organizing Junkie.  

Blessings on your kitchen.


SnoWhite said...

delicious week!! We do that too with our chicken -- and LOVE the broth.

Minneapolis Farmers Market said...

We're not going anywhere. We are still open 7 days a week.

Luke and Jen said...

I am stunned by two things:
1. You have time to make these delicious meals, be a mother/wife/med student, AND blog about it?!
2. The Mpls Farmers Market reads your blog?