Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Johnson First, A Broken Leg

St. Luke,
gospel author and physician.

Last night T and I took the kids to attend our Archbishop Nienstedt's annual "White Mass" for healthcare providers.  The Mass is sponsored by the Twin Cities Catholic Medical Association and is celebrated every year around the feast of St. Luke, the patron saint of physicians, which occurs on October 18th.  We had a wonderful time celebrating and thanking the Lord with friends and colleagues.  But little did we know that we would need the the prayers of St. Luke in a different way later in the evening because.....

...As I made dinner and the kids watched the Alabama game with T,  sweet E-Bear slipped off the couch the wrong way, landed on his leg and wouldn't get up.  No matter how much training you have, minds still spin when you child is howling and won't walk.  I was grateful that my husband is not only patient, level-headed and kind, but also an excellent orthopaedic surgeon.  We let E-Bear sleep through the night in his own bed, but we were up early this morning to see if he would walk. When he still wouldn't stand up, we knew it was time for an x-ray.

E-Bear and G-Bear were both troopers in their own way during our time at the hospital.  Many stickers and plaster wrap later, we had a casted leg!

E-Bear and his cast.  "Don't worry, momma!"
Even though the day was filled with some bummer and we have 2-4 weeks ahead of us with a long-leg cast, we have a lot to be thankful for:

E-Bear is fine and is on the road to recovery.
He holds the record of being the first Johnson to ever get a cast.
The nurses, residents and staff who took care of us all have worked with Todd,
 know us well, and were abundantly kind.  

And we knew that God was watching over and St. Luke must have added his prayers for us, because the orthopaedist who was on call (and put on E-Bear's cast!) is not only one of Todd's favorite mentors, but had been at the White Mass with us the night before as well.  Coincidence?  I think not.


B-Mama said...

Hugs for the littlest patient and record-holder! Let's hope this isn't the start of something... ;) Oh, little boys!! :) Blessings.

Patty said...

Poor guy! Our little Stan broke his collar bone last spring. You just want to scoop them up and hug and kiss all their boo-boos away. Wishing you all a fast and healthy recovery!

Kristi said...

Poor E-Bear! Give him extra hugs and kisses from us!

Kat said...

Poor little guy! Please give him a big hug from us, and we'll be praying for him, and for your sanity! I hope that his recovery is seamless, and that his adjustment to life in a cast goes well. Keep us posted!