Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life with a Cast

We are making the most of things with a cast here in Happily Ever Johnson Land!  
We are so grateful for all the prayers and good wishes that have been coming our way.

G-Bear has been a great buddy to E-Bear.  
We are finding lots of quality activities to do as a family while sitting around together.  
The conversations between the kids on the couch have been priceless:

Chatting it up together on the couch.
 I must confess there have been several extra computer viewings of Sesame Street the past few days:

So, what IS the Letter of the Day?
Pssst, don't tell Mom, G-Bear is snacking on the couch ;)
We have been truly grateful for friends who have helped us this week as well.  Our friend, Nana V, brought over dinner and surprises for the kids last night.  What a treat for all of us!  I arrived home to an amazing meal prepared.  The kids peels of laughter and joy were a true delight as they opened their surprises.  E-Bear still won't let the new airplane out of his sight.  G-Bear has colored half of her new coloring book.  The smiles say it all:

We're making lemonade out of lemons here in Happily Ever Johnson Land!

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