Monday, October 18, 2010

Grocery Bag

Meal planning is one of the keys to success during a first week back to medical school rotations.  There will certainly be unexpected curve balls in the week.  Best to have the fridge stocked and the recipes prepped.  This week is filled with simple, easy-prep meals to get us through.

Day One
Easy Meatballs from Everyday Food
and Oatmeal Irish Soda Bread
with salad greens
These meatballs and sauce are amazing, only requiring one pot. 
You can cheat and just use your favorite tomato sauce instead of making your own like in the recipe.
The bread is my new favorite quick bread. 
I found the recipe in a grocery store flier.
Photo and recipe from

Day Two
Yum.  I love making this because I have lunch for the rest of the week.
Definitely add garbanzo beans.

Day Three
and steamed broccoli
Super-quick.  Super good.
Recipe and Photo from

Day Four
Barbeque roasted salmon from Cooking Light Magazine
and steamed green beans
This recipe is a Happily Ever Johnson Hall of Famer.  
I used it to impress and whoo T way back in the day.  
Fancy enough for company, but comes together in a snap. 

Recipe and Photo at

Day Five
Ham and garden veggie shells
from Joy in My Kitchen
This looks like a winner.  Especially after a long week.


B-Mama said...

Queen B, you make it sound so easy! This is an incredible "easy" menu! haha! One question--how do you buy your salmon? I'm so skeptical these days with the pollutants in the fish population. Do you buy it frozen, from a specialty market, from the grocery store? I'm so curious!! Also, could you give me some more info on your beef supplier. I'm thinking its time for Gasperini-Ville to go healthier and more natural!! Prayers for your work this week, awesome prego mama!

SnoWhite said...

Hope you enjoy the shells -- we sure do!

I'm curious about the salmon too -- looks delicious. Where do you find it?

Queen B said...

SnoWhite, did you see the link to the salmon in the post? Let me know if you're having trouble, because it works for me. I can also email you the pdf. Let me know.

Queen B said...

The salmon I am making for tomorrow night is from a nice grocery store in town that had a salmon deal for the week. But, in general I try to buy Alaska wild salmon from a specialty store, as we are fortunate to have several reasonably priced options in the Twin Cities (as opposed to farmed or Atlantic salmon), because the methods of catching/farming are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. I think of that as translating to healthier fish since I don't have another barometer.

As for our beef supplier, I will post about it later this week! We love our free-range, farm-raised, grass fed cow and pig! I am almost at my year anniversary of buying my 1/4 pig and 1/4 cow and we still have plenty in the freezer!

Kristi said...

Just curious about whether any fun pregnancy cravings are making it into the grocery bag...Is baby #3 putting any new items on the list? Salmon with a side of pickles, perhaps?!?! Already loving that new little guy or gal!