Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Warm Welcome in Winston Salem

"Lord, on the day that I called out for help, You answered me."
~Psalm 138: 3a
(The responsorial psalm from Sunday July 24th)

Half-way through a fabulous ten days visiting T's family in Chapel Hill, I was able to take a day to myself yesterday and visit Winston-Salem, where we will be moving this time next year for T's fellowship.

I grossly underestimate when I say it was an highly anticipated day.

There were several reasons for the trip.  First, I had never been to Winston-Salem and wanted to see where we will be living next year.  Second, I went to meet with the OB/Gyn department to feel out the program as we decide whether I will do residency next year. After spending a day split between the medical center and touring the city, I can't believe how excited I am that we matched to Wake Forest.  I was welcomed by so many people, none of whom knew me before I arrived.  The best part of the visit was calling T to tell him how excited I am for our year in Winston-Salem.   His reply?
"I am so glad you are excited---I tried to pick a good place for us!"

Six months ago, when we were praying over our choices and making our fellowship rank list, prayer was a big part of our decision-making process.  We also talked a lot about our family priorities, T's interview impressions, and our professional aspirations.  But ultimately, T was the only one who had been to the cities we were ranking.  His brief impressions stood as our only link to life in the towns we were ranking.

There were so many unknowns for us six months ago, and on Monday I was able to finally see through the clouds to thank God for two aspects in particular about our match experience.

First, thank you, that my husband and I have the same priorities and are equally excited about this new place.  I discovered on Monday that the same things that attracted him to Winston-Salem are also important and meaningful to me.  What a blessing for us both, our marriage, our work as a team.

Second, thank you that  on Monday I experienced the reality of the words of the psalm above, which was read at Mass on Sunday before I left for Winston-Salem:

"Lord, on the day that I called out for help, You answered me."

Six months ago, when we cried out to the Lord asking for help as we made our rank list, God not only heard us, but He answered us too....that very same day.  Like my children, waiting patiently for me to get them a promised treat,  T and I had to wait a little while to see and inherit the answer God had already given to us.

We are still far from having figured everything out about our lives!!  We still have many unknowns!!  In fact, if I am honest with myself I need to accept that "unknowns" will always be with us.  But thankfully, the opportunity for prayer is also always with us.  And so is God's promise to answer our prayer, on the very day of our cries for help.  We may just have to patiently wait to see and understand His answer for ourselves.

Still having a great time in NC.....and excited to be here next year.

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Just ME said...

I identify with you. Thanks for sharing. I LOVE looking back on big life changes and seeing God's guidance. The Holy Spirit holds our hands through these times. Its funny that sometimes we can recognize their presence other times its hard to see. Seems like you have peace about your choice. I am so happy for you! Be safe on your travel home!